As someone obsessed with children’s books, and as the mother of a little girl who is enjoying books for the first time, Bucca Books is a place where I share my ideas and perspectives on discovering, reading and experiencing children’s literature.

My name is Lindsay.  I’m a wife, mom, consultant, writer, researcher, reader and idea-generator (among many other things).  I recently earned my master’s degree in Children’s Literature and am an aspiring children’s author.  When I’m not analyzing children’s books, I’m reading children’s books to my daughter, Stella (aka, Bucca – hence, this blog’s title).

In my academic life, I’m particularly interested in experiential and therapeutic learning opportunities through picture books.  This blog will utilize my academic interests to generate book suggestions, activities and responses to various books and forms of children’s literature.  I will offer my opinions, insights and my daughter’s responses to lots and lots of books.  My husband (Chris), family members and friends may also get in on the fun.  Basically, if you (or your children) love books for young minds and hearts, then this blog is for you!

Me, Chris and our little Bucca

Me, Chris and our little Bucca

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