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Holiday Books to Correspond with Experience

Hello, again!  I’m finally on break, with only one semester of classes left before I graduate with my M.Ed. in Children’s Literature.  School got real last semester and became even more demanding, explaining my blogging absence.  I know you were waiting breathlessly for my return (she said with complete and total sarcasm).  Well, I’m hoping that this break will allow for more reading and writing to share!

I’ve posted before about how children benefit greatly from books that reflect their current experiences.  Well, since this is my Bucca’s first REAL Christmas season (she was only six weeks old last Christmas), I want to expose her to books that showcase the images of the season, including the recent snow that fell in our area.

Cover of "Dream Snow"

Cover of Dream Snow

One of the first books I grabbed was Eric Carle’s Dream Snow.  I love unconventional and uniquely formatted picture books (in fact, my Master’s thesis will focus on these types of books), so the transparent overlays add interest and dimension to the story and the illustrations.  I also love how the farmer is a representation of Santa and not Santa himself.  In my mind, this allows the reader to adopt the notion that the spirit of St. Nicholas resides in all that love enough to give.

This book always makes me want to curl up with a blanket, a cup of peppermint tea and a good book.  In fact, this is my plan after Stella goes to sleep tonight.

As we read more Christmas and seasonal books, I’ll post our thoughts and favorites.  In the meantime, what are your go-to holiday books?

Happy Reading!

Lindsay and Bucca